about us


Our journey began out of the clinical frustration that the people most in need of high-quality musculoskeletal care typically see their chiropractor or physical therapist after they have given up trying to handle the pain or dysfunction themselves. This results in further encouraging the fear-avoidance model of pain and ultimately leads them to a much higher probability of chronic pain.


Our mission, therefore, is to intervene early in the injury process so that we can stay ahead of the pain and help out patients live a happy and fulfilled life.


Vivie Bojilov, DC

Dr. Bojilov is a board certified chiropractor in both Washington state and Vancouver, BC. Dr. Bojilov is dedicated to providing exceptional patient-centered, evidence-based care for musculoskeletal pain. He is specifically proficient in the use of patient education, manual therapies, and functional rehabilitation. Dr. Bojilov is currently serving as Chief Executive Officer of Onsite MSK. 

Brent Duncan, DC

Dr. Duncan is a board certified chiropractor in both Oregon and Washington state. Dr. Duncan focuses on evidence-based functional rehabilitation protocols aimed to treat musculoskeletal injuries, while addressing patient confidence and patient experience for long term results. Dr. Duncan see’s the potential in every patient he meets and is determined to help patients meet their movement goals.

“Movement is the song of the body“
Vanda Scarvelli